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Visualize Business Intelligence with Bing Maps for Enterprise

Did you know? Statistics show that 80% of business data has a geospatial component. That means that most of the data you collect on your clients and prospects, and on your own operations, has an important location element attached to it... But are you looking at it that way? 
Businesses utilizing Bing Maps for Enterprise are able to quickly organize complex business data, including geospatial components, and display useful business applications on a map, revealing patterns, relationships, and insights often hidden in strictly text and numerical reporting.
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Companies who optimize their business intelligence with Bing Maps can more effectively plan and allocate resources, optimize customer service, enhance business processes and monitor performance. 
With Bing Maps for Enterprise at your fingertips and its easy integration with other Microsoft tools, empowering your employees to make smarter and quicker decisions, while reducing overall costs, has never been more in sight. Download the Datasheet on Bing Maps for Enterprise to learn more!

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