Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Hospice

A Platform That Enables Deeper Insights Faster and Easier While Lowering Costs

The Dynamics for Hospice platform is an intelligent business software application that delivers a modular, cloud-based solution for Hospice data management. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, the modular design and features specifically developed for Hospice business needs allows you to easily access and integrate the multiple non-clinical data from sources in-use across your organization. It also delivers flexibility to allow you to select and enable the exact modules you need to run and transform your business.

Additional and custom modules based on your needs and specifications can be added at any time. You gain an easy-to-use, single view of your organization’s engagement with clients, donors, providers, and volunteers, enhancing efficiency and lowering costs.

With more than 28 years of customer engagement experience, InfoGrow helps you achieve higher performance through effective, efficient data management. With the Hospice Data Management Platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365, your team can unlock the power of your data, reduce error potential, seamlessly integrate data across functions and lower costs vs current system solutions. Your team can spend more time developing and using insights gained from information and far less time in data manipulation and frustration with incompatible systems.

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